Reduce time-to-hire
Hire better-performing candidates
Improve time-to-fill
Hire talent that you couldn’t with standard recruiting
Lower turnover rates
Reduce overall hiring costs

What is smart sourcing?

Smart sourcing uses candidate behavior insight combined with data-driven analytics to identify and attract top talent and to build a dynamic candidate experience.

Smart sourcing solutions have the power to redefine your hiring process in a manner that enhances engagement, improves the quality of hire and reduces attrition rates.



Why we do it

In today's competitive job marketplace, we find a fast-changing recruitment landscape that has great fragmentation and is more complex than ever before. achieving to attract high-quality.

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What we do

We help companies hire in-demand talent faster by better understanding who your ideal candidate is, how to capture their attention and reward them with personalized candidate experience.

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How we do it

We create candidate-centric social recruitment campaign by combining data-driven analytics and behavioral science. This behind-the-scene data-collection and analysis prior to sourcing.

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How it works

Our Smart Sourcing process in four steps.

Candidate Segmentations

Map out
Talent Clusters

Design and execute
customized Social Recruitment Campaign

Candidate Shortlist Presentation

Smart sourcers

Ready to redefine your hiring process?