3 Essential Elements of Employer Brand Positioning

August 15th 2018


Recruitment is a contact sport, especially when you’re working in a competitive industry. Building a strong employer brand positioning that tells your company’s story and increases your visibility with your potential candidates and talent referral sources will help your organization stand out in today’s busy job market. We have identified three essential elements in building a strong positioning line for your unique online employer brand image. Incorporating these three key elements into your brand positioning will help you to attract the right talent for your company.


3 Essential Elements of Employer Brand Positioning

The best way to take control of your online employer image is to build a strong and effective employer brand. When establishing your employer brand positioning, there are three essential elements you must include.


1. Why are we special?

The first question in employer brand positioning always should be why is your company special? What makes your company unique? What makes your company, as an employer, stand out from other businesses in your industry. You must have a clear vision for what you want your brand to look like and why this matters to your ideal candidate.

2. What does our brand mean for talent?

Certainly, you want to establish an employer brand positioning that speaks directly to your “ideal” candidate. First, however, you must clearly define who your “ideal” candidate is. You must realize that not all employers are the same. Your company likely has very different hiring goals than your competitors. Creating an employer brand is not as simple as using the same strategies as your competition. You must know who you are as an employer and what portion of the job market you would like to target. For example, do you want to hire talent that you can grow with the company or are you looking for talent with a specific skill set to help with ambitious projects for the company? Only when you have defined who your “ideal” candidate is can you build an employer brand image that will attract the “right” applicants.

3. What makes us different from our competition?

Finally, you must determine what makes your company different from all the other companies hiring similar candidates. How do you want your company to be perceived by job seekers? What do you want your brand image to look like through the eyes of the applicants? Once you have insight into these questions, you can develop a long-term employer brand positioning strategy that drives the results your company needs to grow.


What to do when everyone wants to work for you?

A strong employer brand can ensure your company is attracting the “right” types of applicants. The best way to strengthen your employer brand even more and create hiring strategies that offer long-term results is to build a unique candidate experience around your positioning line.

Tulsie’s talent experts and Smart Sourcing Solutions can help you strengthen your Employer Brand and attract top talent candidates. In today’s social driven-world, you, as an employer, have the option of letting the internet build your employer brand for you or taking control and building your own dynamic employer brand position. Having insight into who your company is as an employer, what makes your company special, and what your “ideal” candidate looks like can build a positive online employer reputation, improve the quality-of-hire and boost retention rates company-wide.

Written by: Sushila Ramkisoensing

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