About Sushila Ramkisoensing

My career is defined by the search for innovative recruitment strategies that work in today's world and help accelerate career growth and personal development.

About Sushila Ramkisoensing


Human Behavior Analyst

My passion for the development of personal growth started at a young age, where more times than one I needed to start over, rethink what I wanted in life, and use all my talent, energy, and passion to get there.

This experience, along with my natural inclination to observe and understand human behavior motivators, led me right into the recruitment industry. Where, I helped leading companies to connect with the most sought-after talent they need to grow their business.


Industry Data & Candidate Behavior Expert

Through my innate ability to analyze growing industries, incorporate new technologies, and understand candidate behaviors and motivators, I started to notice that companies and talent were not able to connect on a meaningful level. I knew this in-depth connection was needed to ensure positive hiring outcomes.

This steered me to the creation of my career-orientated sourcing agency, Tulsie, in 2005. I built my company on the premise that sourcing is not just about filling job vacancies. It’s about people and creating new opportunities to grow. It’s about developing deep relationships with both the candidates and the companies.


Sourcing Leader

Fast forward 14 years, Tulsie is a leading sourcing agency that helps companies attract, connect, and convert their ideal candidates, which they need to grow their business.

We do this by closing the gap between where their business wants to go and the talent they need to get there. We go beyond the static job posting strategy to bring the human element back into the recruitment process.


Career Management Specialist

We don’t just provide professionals with a job. We help them evaluate career opportunities more strategically. By providing them with the information they need to make sound decisions for their career and their life.

Along the way, we develop engaging relationships with top talent professionals and are proud to be a trusted career advisor for many of them.



I enjoy sharing my sourcing experiences and insights on candidate behavior and the use of data analysis with others to develop conversations that lead to improved sourcing outcomes.

If you share my Sourcing Philosophy: “that recruitment is more than writing a job ad and posting it online.” I invite you to join the conversation too.


Sushila Ramkisoensing