How Covid changed the 360 Recruitment Model

September 4th 2021


Over the last decade, many employers have implemented a 360 recruitment model to reduce recruitment costs and control their hiring process. However, as lives and work started to change during Covid, hiring has become harder primarily because talent acquisition activities lost their on-site hiring experience and the value of office perks faded.

Even more challenging were meeting the needs of today’s candidates, which have quickly shifted in unpredictable ways. On the one hand, candidates suddenly needed more than the job; they required a stable company that could deal with the fear and confusion that came with the unending stream of mixed messages the market was sending. Yet, at the same time, candidates were looking for companies that offered flexibility where work could be divided to care for families or assist children with remote learning.

This new outlook on life forced many of us to reimagine the office and balance a new work-life during uncertain times. As a result, we all formed new behaviors and attitudes that will impact how we look for work and what we expect in the hiring process, affecting the effectiveness of the 360 recruitment model. Therefore rethinking your hiring strategy post-covid will help you create a dynamic 360 recruitment model for competitive advancement for years to come.


Why reimagining the 360 recruitment model matters

The pandemic showed us to be more than a global health crisis; people, companies, and entire industries have changed overnight. One of the side effects of this sudden shift is recognizable in how we work and where we want to work, But also visible in the rising expectations surrounding the recruitment process, where new candidates’ expectations and needs are affecting the effectiveness of the 360 recruitment model. As a result, hiring top-flight talent will require changing the recruitment process to become candidate-focused and offering a tailor-made experience.


The benefits of rethinking your 360° recruitment model post-covid

Today many long-term changes in candidate behavior and work environments are still evolving. But one thing appears certain: today’s candidates want more meaningful experiences – not just in day-to-day business but also in their approach to jobs. Therefore, rethinking new hiring practices will give you a unique competitive advantage. In addition, it will provide companies with the opportunity to shape the new normal and what this new future of work will mean for your company making the recruitment process more authentic and giving candidates a clear view of the employer brand without the bells and whistles.


Where to start in rethinking your 360 recruitment model

It seems an inescapable fact that hiring today requires understanding the impact that Covid-19 had on your candidate pool. Grasping why and how targets in your candidate group have reacted to the pandemic is the first step to building new candidate personas. These new candidate profiles will give you insights into the changes your ideal candidate group is making and how you can create job offers for the future.

It is not enough to say your firm recognizes the impact of the new normal; candidates today need to see and hear from HR professionals how your firm will respond to their needs. In addition, this change in candidate attitudes requires that HR professionals have an in-depth understanding of the various personas in their candidate pool and develop an intuitive feel for the new candidate needs of each.

How we help, Smart sourcing recruitment specialists can help HR professionals create and develop customized recruitment strategies for each type of candidate. To learn more about reinventing your 360 recruitment model or creating a customized recruitment strategy to attract and engage your ideal candidates, contact us.

Written by: Sushila Ramkisoensing

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