How to Shift your Employer Value Proposition Post Covid

October 5th 2021


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we didn’t just shift the way we work – it had dramatically altered the way we look for work and behave on the job market. This lifetime event created new behaviors and attitudes in many industries, and forward-looking companies recognize that one of the side effects of this sudden shift in thinking will also impact the Employer Brand’s effectiveness in recruiting.
Understanding what these new candidates care about in a post-pandemic work environment will become essential to building the resilient organizations of tomorrow. To meet these new challenges in recruitment, HR professionals are rethinking their employer brand marketing approach. Step one in that process is to identify and reposition your employer value proposition (EVP) in recruitment.


The difference between employer brand and employee value proposition

A traditional employer brand proposition focuses on general employer brand attributes such as office perks and company benefits. Most of these are fixed around status, salary proposition, or sense of freedom and are embedded in the company’s tagline with the employer’s promise of what working for them will feel like and do for someone’s career. But an EVP is different in how it mixes functional benefits with emotional values to create a winning employer branding strategy that sticks.


How does an EVP improve your recruiting effectiveness?

Changing jobs is among life’s most stressful events. In the post-pandemic world, a well-crafted employer brand is not enough. The impact of the pandemic has created a risk aversion mindset in many candidates, especially the in-demand talent. This mindset does not look at office perks as the draw for their next career move; instead, it focuses on uncomplicated, value-oriented options that simplify their lives. As a result, it will take much more than a well-crafted career page to help firms fill critical positions faster. In order not to miss out on the critical talent needed for tomorrow’s workplace, companies need a well-developed EVP as part of their recruitment strategy.


What is the role of a compelling EVP in recruiting?

Employers need to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market. They need to trigger their ideal candidates’ interest and generate tailor-made recruitment messages that tell ideal candidates why they should apply for a job within the company and what’s in it for them. To be successful in the post-pandemic world, companies need to go beyond the standard job post or career page and connect with their ideal candidate values. The EVP is the key element in creating that connection to the new candidate’s mindset to help in their decision-making process.


How to develop EVP in a post-pandemic world

Marketing jobs and connecting with your firm’s ideal candidates requires understanding what drives a specific candidate group. A well-crafted EVP reflects an understanding of post-pandemic candidate behavior and attitudes and can segment these findings into how they think, care about, and behave on the job market to connect and convert job seekers into new hires.

Recruitment specialists trained in identifying and connecting EVPs help turn candidate data into clear insights—creating value in the information that reaches candidates, improving the candidate experience, and enabling companies to hire twice as fast even in challenging times.

To learn more about how to make your organization’s EVP appeal to prospective candidates, contact us.

Written by: Sushila Ramkisoensing

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