Why Marketing Insights are Essential for the Modern-Day Recruiter

October 3rd 2018


The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically over the last ten years. While these changes may have been gradual, it has created a job marketplace that is more complicated and fragmented than ever before. Modern-day recruiters must understand this transition and find ways to develop new recruitment strategies that allow them to remain competitive in today’s fierce marketplace.

The paradox is that modern recruitment marketing gives recruiters more tools, information and capabilities than ever before, but there is also tons of confusion as to how to connect the dots in order to make all these recruitment efforts work for the company.


How to Connect the Dots with a Modern Recruitment Strategy

First and foremost, no matter what advancements emerge in recruitment technology, such as recruitment platforms like ATS systems, Social Job creators, and job distribution platforms, you must have the ability to create, boosts, and distribute job posting faster and to a larger audience. When it comes to its core, recruitment is and always will be a people business and a contact sport. No tool implementation, brand strategy creations, career site development or recruitment technique will get measurable results overnight.

Instead, it takes time, it takes commitment, and it takes a deep understanding of the human element of recruitment – the understanding of why we work, change jobs or start new careers. These candidate behavior insight transferred to marketing will give the ability to build accurate personas to identify your ideal candidates – and help drive real results in each stage of your recruitment funnel.

No matter how many recruitment tools you use, no matter how far your reach is and no matter how many resources you invest in, if you cannot align and integrate all these recruitment tools and tactics into the core purpose of work and value proposition for your ideal candidate group, and combine that in your overall recruitment strategy, you’ll find it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve lasting results.


Building a Recruitment Campaign versus Posting a Job Ad

For years, employers have relied on the “post and pray” recruitment method. The idea of this hiring strategy is that if you post your job ads to numerous employment sites, more job seekers will see it, therefore more prospective candidates will apply. In theory, this sounds great, and it may even help you draw in more applicants.

The problem isn’t quantity; it’s quality. All too often, the “post and pray” pulls in unqualified, inexperienced candidates, which takes more time and resources to sort through. On the other side, the “post and pray” approach doesn’t resonate well with the busy qualified professional who doesn’t have the time to review and complete a long and humanless applicant process online.

Instead, of using the one-size fit all recruitment technique and praying to find the “right” candidate in a pile of less than ideal applications, employers can take advantage of combining technology, behavior science and sourcing techniques with the right messaging strategy in a smart sourcing approach that reaches out to their target candidates and greatly improve the quality of applicants.


Easy and accessible tailor-made recruitment services

Smart Sourcing Services is able to connect the dots, by using technology to collect industry, job market, and candidate behavior data; decode the candidate behavior pattern; and transfer these insights into a tailor-made comprehensive sourcing strategy that presents a recruitment marketing approach with the right message campaign to attract, engage with, and hire your ideal candidates faster and more effectively.

Employers can no longer hope to recruit top talent candidates by using decade-old recruitment methods. To remain competitive in today’s job market, employers must transition to modern recruitment methods that incorporate smart technology, data, candidate behavior science and the right messaging to create a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy that targets your ideal candidates.

Learn more about the essential marketing insight for the modern-day recruiter by using our Social Recruitment Reference Guide to understand the recruitment marketing landscape better.

Written by: Sushila Ramkisoensing

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