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The distinct difference in Smart Sourcing

Is Smart Sourcing the same as Recruitment Marketing?

Smart sourcing and recruitment marketing are not the same things, but our data-driven strategies enable us to help you develop a customized recruitment marketing strategy that is right for your specific company. Like recruitment marketing, we use employer brand building concepts to help you develop a unique position statement that is designed to target your "ideal" candidate. We use other recruitment marketing techniques, such as direct candidate sourcing and creating a candidate-centric approach to convert your candidates into new hires.

The Difference Between a Smart Sourcing Service and a Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters tend to use basic sourcing strategies, such as discovering online profiles on various social media platforms like LinkedIn using tactics like Boolean searches. With today's competitive marketplace, these strategies alone are proving to be very ineffective at sourcing top talent.

At Tulsie, we take the sourcing process one step further. We combine industry, job market, and candidate behavior data to identify candidate behavior patterns. We, then use this insight to develop a customized sourcing strategy that takes the right recruitment marketing approach and includes the targeted message campaign to attract, engage and hire your "ideal" candidate faster and more effectively.

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