Why Smart Sourcing in Recruitment?

If you are like many companies, the ability to identify and attract top talent has gotten harder, costlier and more competitive.

The intensity of today's job market is spurred by several transitions, such as the shift from an employer-driven to a candidate-driven market, the evolution of online job boards and the growth of a multigenerational workforce. These transitions have made many standard recruiting strategies obsolete. No longer can employees post a job online and sit and wait for the applications to roll in.

At Tulsie, we understand this new recruitment environment and we have developed innovative smart sourcing solutions to help employers identify and attract the best candidates. Smart sourcing allows us to recruit with data to better understand your "ideal" candidate and where to find them.

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What is Data-Driven Recruitment?

Data-driven recruitment involves collecting and analyzing large amounts of hiring metrics and industry data to develop customized recruitment strategies that enable companies to identify and attract their “ideal” candidate.

Our team at Tulsie uses data-driven recruitment strategies to better understand the candidate. Data analytics not only allows us to identify what your “ideal” candidate looks like, but we also can determine how the candidate thinks, how he behaves online and what motivational factors would entice him to change jobs.

Our solutions allow companies to better understand their ideal candidate, develop meaningful engagement with the candidate and compel top talent to accept an offer.


Understanding the Social Recruitment Landscape

Social recruitment is a hiring strategy that uses various social network platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to engage with potential candidates. While social recruitment can be very effective, companies must realize that not all social platforms are the same.

At Tulsie, we understand the social recruitment landscape. Our smart sourcing tools allow us to help companies determine where to find their targeted candidates, how to initiate engagement and which recruitment strategies will work best to attract their ideal candidates. These smart sourcing tools can reduce the time-to-hire and reduce recruitment costs significantly.


Why we use Recruitment Marketing techniques?

Recruiters today are realizing that many of the same strategies that helped salespeople identify and attract customers are also effective at identifying and attracting quality candidates. Some of these strategies include employer branding, EVP (employer value proposition) development and digital marketing.

Our smart sourcing analytics provides the data your company needs to build a strong and accurate EVP, which serves as the foundation of your employer brand. A solid EVP enables you to not just identify top talent, but to attract the best candidates. You’ll be able to showcase your unique employer qualities to attract your targeted candidates.

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