How we hire has changed for good. We are now stepping into a new post-pandemic era where candidates' behavior is shifting, and wants and needs are different than they did at the end of 2019.

Here's a quick look at the recruitment challenges for 2023 and how to overcome them in a post-pandemic era.

Recruitment Solutions that Grow your Business

Recruitment as a Marketing Function

Recruitment marketing isn't having a career site on the company website, placing a job online, or sending out numbers of generalized emails to potential candidates hoping that it culls results. Instead, it is about customizing the recruitment marketing process to your ideal candidate's needs and wants.

Rethink Hiring as a Marketing Function
Smart Sourcing Multichannel Candidate Outreach Program

Beyond a Job Board Strategy

There will be a skill shortage in the job market in the upcoming years. Therefore employers need to be creative and innovative when it comes to hiring the right skills to move the business forward. However, only relying on posting jobs or spray-and-pray strategies will impact hiring speed and quality and overwhelm recruitment with unnecessary work.

Rethink your Job Board Strategy
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Hire more with less Strategy

During COVID-19, one of the recruitment's most common challenges was to cut operational costs and do more with less. Today with a possible recession on the horizon, many companies will be rethinking budgets or even pausing hiring in 2023. As a result, hiring teams need to deliver more business value.

Creating Lean Recruitment Methods

Recruitment as a Marketing Function

Recruitment marketing is part of a compelling modern recruitment strategy to help your hiring team stand out among its competitors.

It starts with developing a strong EVP to attract, connect, and build candidate relationships with your ideal candidate that can be converted into new hires for your company.

Beyond a Job Board Strategy

Posting job openings on various job boards and waiting for top candidates to apply is no longer an effective recruitment strategy. This Pre-Covid Recruitment method will provide limited results. Rethinking your job board strategy starts with foreseeing economic and job market advantages, understanding human interaction, and translating these marketed insights into smart recruitment solutions to help the company grow- even in a crisis.

Hire more with less Strategy

In a post-pandemic era, and with a possible recession on the horizon, businesses will tend to focus on cost-cutting, and most likely, recruitment needs to hire more with fewer resources.

As a seasoned recruiter, your job is to make the hiring process as lean as possible by helping your company make smart hiring decisions necessary to keep business running as close to normal as possible.

Creating a lean recruitment strategy starts with collecting the right industry data and creating the insight your business needs to act quickly on upcoming job-market fluctuations to hire your ideal candidate faster and more cost-efficient.

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A Smarter, Faster and Better way to Hire

The Difference Between a Smart Sourcing Service and a Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters tend to use basic sourcing strategies, such as discovering online profiles on various social media platforms like LinkedIn using tactics like Boolean searches. With today's competitive marketplace, these strategies alone are proving to be very ineffective at sourcing top talent.

At Tulsie, we take the sourcing process one step further. We combine industry, job market, and candidate behavior data to identify candidate behavior patterns. We, then use this insight to develop a customized sourcing strategy that takes the right recruitment marketing approach and includes the targeted message campaign to attract, engage and hire your "ideal" candidate faster and more effectively.

How to Hire in a Crisis from a Candidate's Perspective

The fear of making the wrong choice will freeze not only your recruitment process but also candidates who will get wrapped up in the crisis.

We will help you understand their inaction, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, that can impact your recruitment process and create unexpected delays in crucial positions, this is especially problematic when you have to do more with fewer people to make up for lost times.

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