At Tulsie, protecting the candidate’s personal data is, and always has been, a crucial component of our sourcing process. We understand the importance of the new GDPR regulations and we take the responsibility to protect candidate information very seriously.

We are pleased to have worked hard over the years to build an effective career management process that works to strengthen the candidate’s career, while still protecting the personal data.


How We Work

Tulsie takes four separate, but necessary, steps to ensure sourcing responsibly.

1. Build Engagement
Building relationships with our clients is at the core of who we are. Unlike some other recruitment agencies that solely focus on filling positions, we focus on fostering relationships, developing mentorships and building relationships.

Our team remains in constant communication with every candidate to ensure they know exactly what personal data we store, how long we store it, how they can update their candidate data and how they can remove their information from our database if so desired. In addition, we never sell our candidate data to any third-party source.

2. Discover Your Career Goals
Your resume is just the starting point when you work with Tulsie. We take this stored data that only provides a list of your skills and experience one step further by helping you discover your true career potential. Our team works with each candidate on a personalized basis to help them set both current and future career goals and to help establish a solid career path that works towards meeting these goals.

3. Create 360-Degree Look at Job Options
We know that every career choice you make has an immense impact on your future. We also understand that you’re busy. Excelling at your current position, oftentimes leaves little time to focus on growing your career. That is why our team at Tulsie does the work for you.

We are unlike most recruiting agencies, by the fact that we foster strong relationships with both the candidate and the employer. This allows us to provide candidates with a 360-degree look at prospective job opportunities. We take the time to put the right information in your hands so you can make the career choices that are best for you.

4. Make Career Decisions Together
Just because you have the right skills and experience for a position, doesn’t always mean that it’s the right job for you or that it aligns with your career goals. We strive to give you the tools you need to evaluate your opportunities and cease the moment if you determine its the right career move for you. We will make the decision to move forward together to ensure that your personal data is never given out unnecessarily. We never send a candidate’s resume to a prospective employer without first obtaining the candidate’s explicit consent.