Tulsie is not your standard recruitment agency. We believe in Smart Sourcing, specializing in understanding the wants and needs of different candidate types and designing strategies to attract them to your open positions in order that you can grow.

Rather than solely relying on the standard post-and-pray approach to engage with candidates, Tulsie proactively works with companies to connect faster to qualified and skilled professionals by deploying a multichannel recruitment strategy that transforms how you reach and communicate with prospective employees. We help human resource specialists translate their deep knowledge of their company into insights they can deploy to align specific messaging and objectives with different candidate groups.

By highlighting different aspects of the employer value proposition, we help companies to effectively target and connect with a range of candidate groups across all touchpoints in the hiring process. The result is a personalized Smart Sourcing strategy that not only re-envisions the opportunity to work at your company but aligns your messaging wants and needs of today’s workers, leading to a shorter hiring cycle and driving lasting recruitment results.

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Why Smart Sourcing in Recruitment?

Why do companies use our smart sourcing services?

Companies depend on our services when they need to hire for multiple functions, specializes roles, new roles within the company, and hybrid roles and/or they need a customized recruitment approach that reflects on the unique need of each of their candidate groups.

Why a full-Service Sourcing in Recruitment?

Most sourcing services will provide you with an additional contract recruiter whose job it is to source candidates and provide you with a list of relevant profiles for you to contact. Typically, a contract recruiter will use the recruitment system you have in place to search for candidates on various social platforms. Sourcing, however, is not just about identifying qualified candidates, it also is about developing a strong engagement strategy that entices these candidates to accept the offer. We provide a full-service sourcing model that combines technology, data, and candidate behavior science to connect the dots and understand how your target candidates think, act, and behave online. We use this valuable insight to create a customized Social Recruitment Campaign that attracts, connects, and engages with the most qualified candidates. At the end of the process, we don't provide with just a list of prospective candidates, but we give you a shortlist of qualified, prescreened and most importantly engaged candidates.

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