A Smarter Way to Hire in the Digital Age

Sushila Ramkisoensing | Candidate Attraction Strategist |
People often ask me how to hire faster without having to increase overall recruitment spend

As more and more recruiters are using the same tactics in digital recruitment, the process of actively identifying, attracting, and engaging with candidates has become increasingly difficult. At the same time, posting jobs in a ‘friendly’ and ‘popular’ tone of voice and hoping for the best isn’t getting the best candidates either. The problem isn’t that the right talent doesn’t exist. The problem is that there are too many companies shouting into the void, talking about jobs and office perks that all sound the same.


How to Hire Faster in the in the Digital Age

What I tell hiring professionals is that in order to hire faster, you need to grab a potential hire’s attention and engage their interest through your recruitment messaging. In practice, this means rethinking your hiring strategy and adopting a recruitment process that is more candidate-focused by offering a tailor-made experience that addresses their needs.

To help companies find their voice, express themselves, and connect with potential candidates faster, I started a Smart Sourcing company in 2005 called Tulsie. For 17 years, we have helped companies tell a story that’s uniquely theirs in a tone that’s true and connects with the right candidates who will help them as they evolve and grow. We are a trusted advisor for growing international companies, guiding them in creating a personalized recruitment process throughout the hiring journey that caters to the wants and needs of today’s professionals. We assist HR Directors and their hiring staff in identifying multi-skilled professionals on the job market and developing scalable and effective recruitment messaging strategies that attracts the talent they need to remain competitive in today’s job market.


How Digital Transformation Impacts Recruitment

My passion lies in exploring the dynamics behind recruiting to help companies hire smarter. As a business leader, I work at the intersection of emerging technologies, the impact it has on the workplace, and what motivates people to look for new job opportunities or even change careers. I’ve spent my career advising businesses how to cut through the noise to make their stories stand out and find the talent they need. What inspires me is watching companies transform how they approach recruiting and seeing their hiring process measurably improve.


Need a Smarter Way to Hire?

If you want to dive deeper into the world of recruitment or are interested in learning more about how Tulsie can help your company, send me a message or read more about how smart sourcing can help you become a smarter recruiter at https://tulsie.nl/smart-hiring-tips-and-tools/.


Sushila Ramkisoensing